A Trace of Nature

Nature can set a sky ablaze at twilight or magically convert memorable scenery into a snow-white wonderland.

It can paint a rainbow in the blue sky, paint beautiful autumn colors on trees, or paint a cluster of daffodils in the green grass with glow of soft golden sunlight.

This is the nature, this is the beauty all around us, this is the concept Eva belongs to…

Nature creates beauty. She exceeds the tools of nature to the woman’s features and appeal… From Nature we build splendor.

We widen the sensual effect on your lives in the way you look at things and in the way we feel about ourselves.

My Nature




Career Opportunities

“I am a passionate artist; I am here to live out loud”

With over 18 years of experience, Eva Atallah is one of the most vastly regarded make-up artists on the regional beauty and fashion circuits.

Whether she’s called upon to create her signature gaze,

best described as bright and flawless or to work her enchantment for the catwalk or on editorial shoots,

her modest, modern loom to beauty has made her requisite to designers, magazine editors, art directors, TV channels and celebrities alike.

Through her make-up tutorials and free-spirited stance,

Eva has become one of the most recognized faces in the beauty industry all over Lebanon, GCC and MENA.

Eva   Atallah

My Achievements

Having previously lived and worked in Europe, US and GCC countries, I am now based in Lebanon. Throughout my career, I have maintained a high editorial profile working with many top fashion photographers including David Abdullah, Roger Moukarzel, Hussein Salman, Paulo and others. My masterful make-up and Beauty artistry appeared on the pages of virtually every fashion and social magazine, in addition to the most prominent TV shows “Arab Idol” as being preferred as the beauty ambassador for Maybelline New York from L’Oreal.


The only ambassador from the Middle East

  • “Because she is beautiful, talented & well known,
  • we are proud to choose her among all artists“ Maybeline Newyork

Brand exposure

  • After her brand exposure all over MENA & GCC,
  • she is currently developing and directing innovative concepts for both beauty,
  • fashion and make up stills and videos… You will see her soon on You tube channels…

Arab Idol 2014

  • After the success of Maybelline & Eva Atallah Partnership,
  • Arab Idol 2014 season will be another successful cooperation between both.
  • Maybelline will gain a new-fangled experience with Eva this year.

Eva Atallah, the New Maybelline NY Makeup Expert in the Middle East

An innovative experience in Arab Idol

    I have collaborated with many of the world’s top fashion designers on their advertising campaigns and fashion shows,

    this lead me to gain several certificates from Europe and GCC especially that i helped to educate makeup artists use their products on their clients to market the brand to general consumers.

    My services

    After 18 years of experience in the beauty diligence, Eva Atallah was described as a true artist who uses a woman’s face as her canvas and who does not allow herself to get tied down to any strict rule when it comes to applying make-up. She has her own way… Just one glance at her and you will immediately see her free spirit ways, as she always sports bright lipsticks and platinum blonde hair to complement her wacky personality. Eva has an extremely active imagination, which she translates into her creative juices.


    " The best makeup is Smile. The best jewelry is Modesty. The best clothing is Elegance . The best thing in life is Self-confidence. It is the most significant facet of true Beauty" Eva Atallah

    Supporting Breast Cancer

    Supporting Breast Cancer

    Eva Atallah is teaming up with the cause of Breast Cancer to lift the spirits of women affected by such disease. As a woman in this society, Eva took this issue personally since she believes that she should be committed to make a positive distinction in the lives of those who are afflicted with this deadly disease.

    Eva Atallah as a part of Makeup & Beauty Artist industry is the first organization to support the breast cancer cause.

    Because Hair needs care

    Because Hair needs care

    Usually I tell women to choose their hair style the way they want. I've been natural for 18 years and I also have color in my hair. As a beauty speaclist, I love playing with color, but you need to make sure that moisturizing is your Best friend.

    If you have chemically-treated hair with color, you can use things in your pantry, like olive oil, coconut oil and eggs; that makes for a great deep conditioner or pre-poo.

    Coconut oil is the most penetrative oil to the skin and hair, so the weaker part of your hair -- the ends -- will be less likely to pick up damage if they are soaked in moisture.

    Eva Atallah Beauty Academy

    Eva Atallah Beauty Academy

    Eva Atallah Academy will start it beauty courses all over GCC & MENA by the coming year. The Academy devoted to provide a world class education through informative and engaging fashion, beauty therapy and make-up artistry courses.

    Register now to gain a new and exciting skill with Eva… You will be able to be involved in all of our make-up courses, Beauty Therapy lessons and fashionable tips. All are geared towards practical sessions with the minimum of theoretical work. This gives the students more hands-on experience so they can improve their skills quickly.

    You may fill your application below at “ASK FOR A REQUEST” and Eva will personally contact you…

    Kitchen Cabinet Beauty

    Kitchen Cabinet Beauty

    Avocado, honey, banana, eggs, green tea and lemon. No, this isn’t what’s on the lunch menu today at Eva Atallah center! These are just a few of the many tried and trusted ingredients from around the kitchen that can be whisked-up into a multitude of home-spun beauty recipes. Ask any Grandma what she used before we were spoiled with so many luxurious “natural” beauty brands, and chances are she’ll have a few culinary gems up her sleeve. Kitchen staples have appeared in beautifying preps for many centuries and even the most 21st century of products owe something to folk remedies of the past.

    It’s comforting to know that even modern day natural beauty advocates are not averse to blending up their beauty products over the stove. Eva Atallah, revered for her gorgeous fragrances and Vitamin E skincare, started her beauty and fragrance empire as a facialist, and used to make her now world famousVitamin E Gel in her own kitchen. Seriously. I’ve teased out their beauty benefits, and thrown in a few recipes to boot for those of you who like a bit of DIY. If not, I’ve also recommended ready-made, off-the-shelf alternatives, for those days when blending bananas, slicing avocados and brewing up green tea just aren’t an option. Enjoy!

    Eva Atallah free Beauty membership

    Eva Atallah free Beauty membership

    Become a member with Eva Atallah for a yearly membership – every one of you can join the family… Just send your name and email on “ASK FOR A REQUEST” which is found below...

    Any Card handler will be able to get any gift from Eva. All what you need is to show your membership card to Eva Atallah centers and earn an opportunity to get your discount or gift immediately…

    Our members are the major part of our success…

    Supporting the cause of Breast Cancer
    to lift the spirit of every woman affected by such disease

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